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Do you ever struggle with believing you are really going to succeed?

I would be shocked if you said no. Most people, and I do mean most people, have a low foundational belief that they are actually going to be able to successfully build their network marketing business to a significant level. This is why so many people quit before they succeed. They don’t truly believe it will happen for them.

If you think about it, this makes perfect sense. We are not generally brought up in households where our parents have built a home business and have time freedom and the kind of lifestyle that a residual style income leads to. We live in communities where this wasn’t a normal thing and we went to school with other kids that also didn’t have this. It was not modeled in any way as a possibility for the majority.

In addition, we are cultured that you go to school and then you get a job. Even traditional entrepreneurship is not generally encouraged. So the belief that this way of living and working is a real possibility is miniscule at best. When you add to this that the majority of people have a relatively low level of esteem, you have a high percentage of people, who would love to have a successful network marketing business, and get started in one, but because they don’t really believe it will happen, they quit when it’s hard. And let’s be real. Everything of value in life get’s hard. Having said this, things are changing aren’t they?

More people are now growing up in homes like my children did. Where they have a parent who has been successful and they experience the home based lifestyle and freedom. But it’s still a small percentage of the population. Belief is the key to building the business. So what is belief?

Belief is A Thought You Continue to Think

This is a huge point. Why? Because the fact that it’s a thought is the major aspect. Just because you think it doesn’t make it true! For years people thought the world was flat. Just because they thought this way did not make it true did it? There are lots of historical wrong thoughts and there will be many more because thinking is based on what we know, not on what is possible.

The best news of all is that you can absolutely change the way you think. Here’s the first little BIG point about your potential to build the business…

If You Can Sponsor One Person You Have Proven That You Can Do What You Need to Do to Build The Business

This is a fact. You simply repeat the process as many times as you need to. It simply comes from taking action to work the process. There are many things you can do to grow your belief in yourself and in your business. But the number one thing is action.

In this video I show you how the cycles of belief really works. This will be extremely valuable to you and your team partners.

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