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You know what’s really cool about our business?

You never know what could happen any single moment! You might say “Todd isn’t life like that in general?” It’s true no one has a crystal ball and we don’t truly know what can happen from moment to moment. I’m talking about this from a completely different perspective.

I’m talking about really awesome things happening. People who are not working at something with the kind of potential network marketing has, do not have much likelihood that any single moment could be a tremendous positive change in their income and lifestyle. They. Just. Don’t.

But you do.

Every Time You Pick Up The Phone You Have the Possibility of Sponsoring a Major Player

This is a fact. Even cooler is that you have no idea who it might be. It could be the young guy mowing your lawn. It could be an old friend you haven’t talked to for 20 years. It could be the waitress at your local diner. It could be anyone!!!

And you have absolutely no way of judging this. So don’t judge. Just remember that anytime you make a contact, the possibility exists. I think that is exciting. You could just contact all day with the mindset, I wonder if it’s you?

It’s a Whole Lot Like Fishing

One of my favorite things about fishing is that I never know what’s going to happen when I cast my line in the water. I only know that for me to have a chance to catch a fish, I have to cast my line in. If I don’t throw it into the water, then I have no shot!

This topic is a fun one for me and an important lesson for you and your teams. I had quite a bit of fun with the video, and I tell a story that really emphasizes the point. Make sure you watch it and then feel free to share it. You definitely want your teams to think this way.

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