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How would you like to know for certain that you will make progress towards your goals?

If you knew for sure that you would succeed you would have no problem doing the work would you? It’s a little ironic isn’t it? We would do the work if we knew we would succeed, but we don’t always know we will succeed if we do the work! At least that’s what we think.

Mindset is such an interesting thing. It truly is the primary defining line between success and failure. The people that fail/quit on building a business have it no harder typically than the people who succeed. It is their head that defeats them. Not the marketplace, economy, lack of skills, or any other reason.

In My Soon to Be Released Online Training Product The Blueprint Process

I talk quite a bit about mindset in the first module. I do this because I KNOW how important it is. Working on my mindset and personal development was every bit as integral in my millions in earnings in the industry as the actual skills I developed and teach.

The three things I will touch on today are commitment, focus, and patience. These are certainly not all the mindset nuggets you need, but they are three important ones and they definitely, coupled with effort, will lead you to making progress!

Commitment has to come first.

“Commitment is doing the thing you said you were going to do long after the mood you said it in has left you.”-Unknown

My perspective on commitment is a measure of integrity. If you have high integrity, when you make a commitment, you do what you committed to. No excuses. Most people are pretty good at keeping commitments to others, but they don’t have the same level of follow through when it comes to commitments to themselves. This is something you can control. You have to decide….yes…commit….that you are going to build your business and nothing will stop you. And nothing will with this attitude because you will work and grow through what you have to.

Focus becomes important once there is commitment. Once you have committed to building your business, your focus stays on the direction of building your business. Things that come into your path that are not beneficial towards your aim, should not get your attention (outside of life priorities like health and relationships for example). Sometimes you will have to be very intentional to stay focused because there will be plenty of things and people who would take you away from what you are trying to do. Remember your commitment in these times and keep focused on what you want.

Patience Will Be Your Wrestling Partner the Entire Journey

Everyone struggles with patience. Everyone. And, it won’t matter how well you are doing, you will still struggle with it. That may seem weird to you because likely, your impatience right now is with how long it feels like it’s taking to get your business started! But it’s true. Regardless of how fast you grow you will want it to be faster. Human beings just don’t appeared to be wired to be patient. We have to learn it. Patience is a huge area of personal growth everyone has the pleasure of experiencing in developing a network.

I could have written a novel on these three with all kinds of stories and deep lessons, so I’m aware that I just scratched the surface here. I can promise you a fun little Snail Tale anecdote in the video as an example that you will be able to use when you are working with others! Enjoy and share if you like!

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