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How Would You Like to Become a Sponsoring/customer Acquiring Superstar?

You can. I know for sure you can. It’s actually a little funny to me that I am even talking about this topic. After all, I started in the business as a shy, low-esteem, broke guy with no sales skills, way way way long ago. And I never really learned so called “sales skills.” Yet, I became a master in sponsoring and customer/acquisition (I sponsored 100 people in one month before knowing how to use the internet), and this is why I KNOW you can become a master too.

Think about this. If you opened a coffee shop would you have any problem telling the people you know that you had a coffee shop? Of course not. You would tell everyone. No Problem. Would you struggle with how to tell them? No. You would just enthusiastically let them know. Instinctively you know that…

Secret Agent Coffee Shops Don’t Last Very Long!

So how come there are people that you won’t pick up the phone and tell about your network marketing products or business? Why wouldn’t you have the same mentality as if you had a coffee shop? Two words: Belief & Confidence.

Let’s assume you believe in the quality of your products or service and the integrity of your opportunity. If that is true (if it’s not you should do something else), then your belief issue is with believing it will work out for you. Which is a confidence issue. If you do believe it will work out but there are still people you are unwilling to call yet, then this is still a confidence issue.

You Might Not be Contacting Them Because You Aren’t Confident in What to Say.

I remember what this feels like. It was really a struggle for me for a while, and then I figured out the style that I teach now that changed my business life and has helped thousands of people succeed too. You see, there are two primary aspects to a contacting conversation on your side of things (there are multiple parts of a conversation which I teach you step by step): What you say & How you say it.

So many people get hung up on “What to say” and don’t realize that it’s not nearly as important as How you say it. What you say does matter, but it’s pretty basic if you know what to do. How you say it determines how effective it will be and how open your contact will be. This is why anyone can learn to be a master. When you talk to people in a nice, honest, respectful, no pressure way, they will be open to talking to you and very likely open to checking out your products and/or business.

You Almost Can’t Say the Wrong Thing to the Right Person, But You Can Definitely Say it the Wrong Way!

I give you a little more on this in the video so make sure you check it out.

I go really deep into this topic in the training The Blueprint Process for Building a Long Term Network Marketing Business From Scratch This training will help you regardless of what kind of system you work in, and online or offline because it is the real people stuff and mindset stuff you need to work the process.

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