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How would you like to be a super effective, duplicable, and simply awesome presenter?

I’ll bet there’s a good chance you are reading that question thinking “no way, that’s just not me.” And I’ll bet that the word presenter conjured up visions of standing up in front of an audience, dressed up, and using a big screen or something to share your message (like the picture above of yours truly).

So first, let me relieve your anxiety!

You Don’t Have to Become a Presenter in Order to Be Awesome at Presenting!

By now you could be a bit confused, so I’ll make it easy! You don’t have to be able to present professionally to build a huge business. Certainly, it’s a nice skill to have, and if you want to pursue that skill you can, but it’s not necessary. I only teach people how to be skilled stand up presenters if they really want me to. But in general, I teach the best and most duplicable way to effectively share your products/service and opportunity. This is through your story.

You see when you are doing a true presentation that feels very much like, and is, a sales presentation, both to you and the prospect. They will have more resistance and be listening to you critically to see where they disagree. You have the burden of having to be good at it to be effective. When you share a story, especially the way I teach you, the prospect has an entirely different posture. People do not critically evaluate stories because they are visualizing, experiencing, and actually emotionally participating. I explain this further in the video.

Stories are Interesting and Attractive, and Are Natural to Tell With No Burden of Expertise

Telling your story is the most duplicable thing personally you can do from a human interaction standpoint because everyone has a story and it’s true!

There are five parts to an awesome story: Problem to Solve, Journey, Discovery, Attraction, and Experience. This recipe is proven and powerful. It is the formula for anyone to be super effective in having prospects want to learn more and sign up. I love helping people, and I have found that the best way to help them is to allow them to see what you have that can help them. Nothing opens their eyes better than this story formula.

In my new training that is available NOW The Blueprint Process for Building a Long Term Successful Network Marketing Business from Scratch I really take you through how to craft your story and teach your team. This one skill alone has been worth seven figures to me, and will be worth as much as you work it to you. I developed an easy way to comfortably talk to people and then a super attractive story style that anyone can do, and you will get every corner of both of them and a lot more in the new training program. Plus a whole bunch of bonuses!

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