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How do top producers become top producers?

Do you ever wonder about this? Do you ever look at the various people who are successful in your company and in the industry and think to yourself how did they do it? Even if you aren’t focused on being a top producer you’ve probably thought about this. I know I sure did a whole lot when I first started in the industry. Actually for the first several years I wondered about this.

Especially when you consider the actual people…they all seem to be different don’t they? They have different back grounds and different stories. They don’t physically look the same, talk the same, or dress the same. But there are definitely things they have in common. The challenge is that they are not visible, so you can’t just look at someone you are prospecting and know that they will be a top producer!

How Do You Find The Top Producers?

You don’t find them per se. I mean, yeah, you find them, but not by specifically looking for them. You find them by becoming one yourself, and modeling and developing the people who want to grow into being one. There are several things that all top producers share, and I’m going to give you a few of them here so you can implement these, or check to see if you are already doing and being this way.

They all work a process that is repeatable by them and others, just like you find in the Blueprint Process Program. But it’s the mentality in the way they work in the process that makes the difference.

Do What It Takes

This is the first common denominator. People who succeed at a high level do not consider giving up or giving in to their challenges. They know that if they keep pushing forward they will eventually get where they are trying to go. They know there will be times when it feels like they are running in place or even sliding backwards, but they know this is temporary. Every struggle is temporary if we are committed to moving forward.

Start Where You Are Now

The second thing is that they start. They don’t wait until they are READY. They know there is no perfect time or situation that says now is the time to go after your dreams. If they waited for that, they would still be waiting. Most of them started in very difficult situations. Just like you they started wherever they were. That’s how life works. Wherever you are now is the place to start from, there is no better place or time to start than here and now.


There is nothing brilliant or sexy about this one. Every successful person does this. No exceptions unless blind luck came into play. Consistency is huge. There are two primary areas where top producers are unfailingly consistent. They are consistent about a daily contact goal and they are consistent about personal development. Growth in all things comes from consistent application which creates compounding of results and learning.

In the video I share several other nuggets that you will find helpful for yourself and anyone you share this with.

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