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Scarcity thinking is an emotional wrecking ball.

It will absolutely take the wind out of your sails and have a negative impact on your energy in building your business. So what is scarcity thinking? It’s the basic premise that if someone else gets something, there is less for you. I struggled with this quite a bit when I was younger in the business and I’ll bet you have too at times.

Scarcity mentality leads to all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts. Envy, jealousy, insecurity, and fear of loss are some of the most potent. I used to think that if someone else was having a lot more success in building their business, that would mean that there was less opportunity for me. This is a very small way to think. After all, there are billions of people in the world!

We Are Conditioned to Think Scarcely

When we are growing up and playing sports. How many winners are their? One, right? How many people can be at the top of the class in school? Maybe a couple? If someone else gets into the college we want to go to, doesn’t that mean there is one less spot for you? In the workplace aren’t there only so many high positions in the company you work for? So, if your office mate gets promoted, might that mean there is less chance for you?

You see, in a small view, these would make it feel that there is less for us. In the bigger view, the abundant perspective, we would see the opposite. There are more sports, there are plenty of colleges, there are many places to work. There is simply no lack of opportunity for any of us. If we can develop an abundance mentality, we can see other’s successes as encouraging for ourselves. Scarcity mentality is a way of thinking, and since we can work on how we think, it is changeable.

Abundance Thinking is Enlightening and Exciting and a Platform for Building a Network Marketing Business

Network Marketing by it’s nature is abundance oriented. How many people can reach the top rank in your company? As many as are willing to work hard enough to do it! Whereas in the more traditional business setting, like a corporation, you have more likelihood of someone trying to step on top of you to get to the top, in network marketing you have a spirit of collaboration. People help each other to achieve higher levels of success. The people who work with the right heart in the business, are excited when someone they sposnor in their organization is achieving more than they are. You want your people to succeed. This helps you succeed!

Someone Does Not Have to Lose for You to Win. We Can All Win!

This is the truth. The powerful underlying ideal behind our industry. When you develop a true abundance mentality, it is easy to work in a joyful way. You feel happy for others. You know that their success does not diminish you are reduce your possibilities. It’s just the opposite. The more people that succeed, the more social proof there is that what you are doing works. Which leads to more belief that people can succeed, which leads to more people succeeding! This is an abundance cycle that you definitely want to be riding.

It makes you and your business attractive to others. This simple shift from scarcity to abundance thinking is a big mental move in your journey and will help you to press forward each day to build the business you want to build. I give you a little more on this important point in today’s video.

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