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Wouldn’t you like to know the biggest thing that drives a prospect to take action?

I’ll give you a hint….

It’s Not Your Product Quality, or Your Compensation Plan, Or Market Trends…

The answer is emotion.

Emotion is what leads people to act. This is why anyone who is operating authentically and treating people the right way can ultimately become a customer and distributor acquisition juggernaut.

The adage “Stories sell and Facts Tell” is based on this fundamental. Facts are not emotional. They are logical. If this then that kind of information. On the other hand, people emotionally involve themselves in stories. It’s human nature. When you share a story about something that authentically comes from your heart, people feel this themselves and begin to emotionalize the possibility of something like your story happening to them. This inspires them to act.

Every Step in the Process is An Opportunity to Touch Someone Emotionally

Remember, everyone has struggles and needs that your products/service/opportunity can help with. They are already emotionally involved with their challenges. This is one of the reasons the style of communicating that I teach you for contacting and sharing your story are so effective regardless of your level of skill.

If you communicate in a comfortable fashion and let your true feelings about your offer come through, your prospect is naturally going to want to learn more. Especially if you make it safe for them by assuring them that it is okay if they don’t feel the same way.

Of course, the story you share is the biggest point. This is where the prospect really becomes emotionally involved in the possibility for themselves. This is where hope happens and hope is mega powerful emotion.

Keep it real and you will be successful. Take your desire for the prospect to act out of the conversation. Take your thoughts about saying the right thing out of the conversation. Let your heart and feelings show through and your prospects will be attracted to what you are offering.

I give you a deeper perspective in the video.

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