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Have you ever had the experience where you had a “heavy hitter” right on the verge of joining you in your network marketing business, and then they walked away?

In the picture above, I am holding a good sized Barracuda that I caught off the coast of Florida not long ago. That one didn’t get away,  although I did put him back in the water to continue his Barracuda life. What I’m not holding in this picture is the bigger fish that we hooked just a little while later.

When we hooked this other fish, one of the others on the boat started trying to reel it in. After fifteen minutes of fighting the fish, she was too tired to continue so she handed the rod to me and I took over. I fought the fish another fifteen minutes. The fish fought mightily and was big enough that each time I would wind it in some, it would just take the line back out again. Eventually it worked it’s way free and we never did see it.

The entire time we were fighting to bring in this unseen monster, the boat was excited and full of anticipation. Everyone was focused. When the fish got off the hook, you could feel the entire energy in the boat just plummet with disappointment.

Disappointment is a Natural Thing to Feel in this Moment

This is how it feels when the “big fish” you are working with says No isn’t it? You go from brimming with enthusiasm and possibility to disappointed and down-trodden. In a blink of an eye. So how do you handle this? You do what we did.

We immediately put our line back in the water and started fishing again.

Remember, no one person is going to make or break your business….except you. I have seen countless “heavy hitters” get into the business and not really be a heavy hitter. In our work, you cannot tell who will or won’t be a big fish. Only time will tell that.

The majority of the successful people in network marketing did not come to the business as heavy hitters. They came as everyday people trying to overcome some struggle. Many of them didn’t even consider being super successful when they started. They just wanted to make some extra money, or they loved the product so much they just wanted to get theirs for free.

Is It Okay to Feel Disappointed?

Sure it is. It’s natural. I can tell you until I am blue in the face not to get emotionally involved in any single prospect…but you are still going to do it. So go ahead and feel the disappointment for a little bit, but then get back in the water. If you could get one big fish on the line, you can do it again. Take this away from the experience. You are capable of finding the big fish. After all, there are a lot of fish in the sea!

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