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How many times have you heard your prospect say the objection “I don’t have the money?”

If you are breathing, in the industry, and taking any level of action, then the answer is, you’ve heard this a lot! It’s important to recognize a true objection for what it is…an unanswered question that the prospect has. If the prospect is interested what they are saying is “Can I afford this?”

Before you even say anything, it’s crucial to know how to be responding. You have to be calm, display empathy (after all, you’ve had moments like this in YOUR life), and never be defensive about any objection.

It’s Usually Not the Money…

Occasionally, as in maybe 10% of the time, the issue isn’t actually a lack of money. It’s more likely that the prospect doesn’t see the value yet, is lacking information that is important for them, has an issue with believing it will work for them, or has some other self oriented issue around their worth.

So how do you go about uncovering what is really going on so you can help your prospect? By asking the right questions.

Find Out if The Objection is Real

It doesn’t make any sense for you to try to help them figure out the money issue, if they aren’t being honest. You can uncover this by asking this question: “I appreciate what you are saying, I have been there before in my life. Are you saying you really don’t have the money or is this just a nice way of saying “no” so you don’t hurt my feelings?”

You can use your own words, but this will definitely get you to the truth. This can be used for either customer or business partner conversations. If they say they really would like to get started but they truly don’t have the money, now you have something you can work with.

For a Product or Service Situation…

Recognize that if the prospect really likes the idea of your product or service and brings up the money issue, they are effectively changing the conversation. Now the door is open to talk to them about a way to “finance” their product or service through being active in some way. You can simply ask them a question like “would you like to learn about how we could work together to get your product for less or free?” Or you could completely go into this deeper by asking “has money been tight for you for a while?” Which could lead to you asking if they are open to learning about the cool income opportunity you have to offer.

Money and the Opportunity

There are so many good questions you can ask if the money issue relates to your opportunity. Here are a few that I have heard or used in the past:

“Just curious, are you trying to get into the business with me or get out of the conversation?”

“Are you saying you don’t have the money in your bank or on a credit card?” Your follow up question can then be “how far off are we?” This leads to a much smaller amount of money to find.

‘If there was strategy for getting you started, would you want to get started?”

You have to find out the truth and these kinds of questions, asked kindly, will help you figure it out.

“If I could show you how you could get the money, would you get it?”

Adapting the Feel, Felt, Found Approach

You can utilize this with any objection by using yourself as an example or someone you know. I would encourage you not to use these three exact words at the same time, and instead use words that are similar. The reason for this is that this is the oldest most successful way to communicate with objections so it’s possible your prospect has heard it before.

So you could say that You know what that’s like or feels like, you experienced this too, then you discovered. Same connection with different words… 

Then you would move to one of the questions or a question you create.

The key thing here is to move yourself to a position of helping them solve the problem together.

A Few Strategies

There are multiple things you can talk to them about. You can ask how they think they can solve the problem. You can also offer a few things that they can do proactively.

You could have them invite people to a webinar, zoom call, conference call, or a home meeting, where you will present the opportunity/products/service, whatever is best given your scenario, and this would kick start them.

You could show them how to do direct invitations via text or direct message to their contacts to learn about the offer, and then have them send a video link and help with the follow up.

If they are unwilling to be part of solving the problem, then you know they aren’t sincere anyway, and move on.

This Video is a Special Tool for You!!!

I created this so you can use me as a third party to speak with your prospect about the money issue. It makes your job easier. Watch the video and you will see that when someone has this issue, you could also send them this video, which is free for you to use, and I will offer insight and strengthen their desire to figure out their money issue! Feel free to share the YouTube video with your teams if you find it helpful.

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