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“I don’t have time” is right up there with “I don’t have the money” in terms of how often you hear this objection in network marketing.

In my mind they are miles apart though in what they mean, depending on when in the process you encounter them. So let’s jump into the topic.

As with all objections, it’s important for you to stay calm, validate that this is a real issue for them, and demonstrate some empathy. In addition, never be defensive or attempt to justify your business….that’s weak posture. Remember, that you have something that could help this person, but it’s not on you for them to help themselves. Your job is simply to comfortably introduce them to the idea and begin a conversation.

“I Don’t Have Time” is More of a Feeling Than a Reality

Everyone has time if they choose to. But most people don’t really know what the time necessary to begin creating a network marketing income really is. They don’t know the work and they don’t know how much time can be leveraged in the work. If you get this objection in the approach, you can choose what to do. You can ask a question or accept it and move on, that’s up to you. If you want to ask a question you could say something like this: “I appreciate that you are busy, that’s one of the reasons I am talking to you, are you saying that if you were to see an income possibility that resonated with you, that you wouldn’t be open to looking at a way to participate?” 

If they say no, then move on. If they say yes, now you are in the process and you will come back around to the time issue later.

“I Like What I See But I Just Don’t Have the Time”

So now they have seen informati0n, or heard your story and they are telling you that they like it but don’t have the time to do it. Before you just accept this as truth, you need to ask another question to find out of what they are saying is true. So now you do this: ” I can appreciate that you don’t feel you have the time, I (or some one else who’s story you are telling now) didn’t believe I (they) had the time either, then I ( or the person in the story) discovered how it works and that is was doable in minimal time (something like this). I’m just curious, are you saying you really would like to do it but don’t see how you would have time, or is this a nice way of saying no so you don’t hurt my feelings?” 

It’s crucial that you ask a question like this to find the truth. If someone says “yes, I would like to do it, but don’t feel I have the time.”

Now you have someone you can work with.

They Have No Idea How Much Time This Would Take

Once your prospect confirms that they are indeed interested but cannot see how they could do it, the conversation has changed in a big way. You have now effectively moved from being across the table to side by side. Now you are working together to figure out how your prospect can build the business in minimal time. This is HUGE.

Now you can help them see where they have pockets of time in their schedule, and talk about how you and your tools create leverage for them. There are so many possibilities here that it would be too long to go through, but a short list is:

  • Show a simple invite to tool
  • Show a simple invite to a webinar, conference call, meeting
  • Show them how technology creates the ability to work in any minutes from anywhere
  • Explain how you are someone they can leverage

These were just a few of the things you can do. AND they work big time. Now, here is another FREE GIFT for you.

This Video is a Special Tool for You!!!

I created this so you can use me as a third party to speak with your prospect about the time issue. It makes your job easier. Watch the video and you will see that when someone has this issue, you could also send them this video, which is free for you to use, and I will offer insight and strengthen their desire to figure out their time issue! Feel free to share the YouTube video with your teams if you find it helpful.

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