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How Can I possibly use the words “guarantee long term success in network marketing?”

Because it’s true. Long term success is not guess-work in anything, including network marketing because it is simply based on consistently and diligently applying fundamentals.

What I did not say is guarantee long term success in your current company…because I don’t know your company…it may be a legacy company or it might be a flash in the pan…I am focused on helping you be successful in the industry in such a way that if you happen to be in a short term company, it will not matter, you will be able to continue forward in the next company.

These 3 Things Will Develop You Into a Successful Network Marketer Long Term

This is a fact. Just like if you work the process I teach in a nice, honest, respectful way, you will absolutely enroll customers and business partners, these three things will absolutely bring you lasting success. The first two that I share, I have taught for years, and by themselves can lead you to long term success (I used the first two only until recently and I’ve been a top earner for over 2 decades). The third one I learned from my coach (everyone who is serious should have a coach!).

The first one is to Commit to a number of new contacts per day.  I did it and so has everyone you have ever heard about who has earned six figures a year or more in the industry. It makes no difference how skilled you are at the moment, only that you set a number of contacts per day commitment and do it. Anyone who believes they will succeed without doing this is being unrealistic. This is how you show up to work.

The second one is personal development daily. This should be in two areas: skills and mindset. This doesn’t have to be hours per day, that would not be realistic. If you are part-time, at least 15 minutes per day of reading or listening to something. One example would be the audios/videos in the Blueprint Process Training. Your skills will naturally grow through your interaction with people in the process, but they will grow much more rapidly with the repetition of listening to training and development material.

The third one is about building your long term reputation as someone who has expertise in the industry. You might be thinking…”I don’t have expertise!” Yes…you do…and you will have more. You can take a few minutes per day and create some piece of content that attracts others to you over time. There are many mechanisms to do this, and it’s best to start with a simple one, like the right kind of Facebook post. If you need some coaching on this, feel free to reach out to me and we can talk about it. This area will take a little more thought and purpose but it is a huge part of your long term success strategy.

There you have it. Three things you can do that will guarantee long term success in network marketing regardless of where you start from. Take it from an everyday guy…you can do it by following this advice.

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