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Do you ever struggle with time management in trying to build your network marketing business?

I’m going to help you with this right now. But first, I have to come clean…I don’t believe in time “management.” How can you manage something you have no control of?

Time is Not Manageable, It Just IS

You can manage what you do in the time you are blessed with, however, and I call this time UTILIZATION. This is an area I have taught to people at all levels of life and business. Most people struggle with this area. And they don’t have to.

Time management (I am using this because you are used to it:-) is particularly crucial for you if you are part time, and especially when you are just getting started and trying to fit your new network marketing business into your already busy life. There are multiple things you can do to make your business happen efficiently and still participate in the rest of your life fully.

The First Step is to Become a Planner

Most people have used planning skills and tools of some sort in their work place. Because they have to. Having trained many corporations over the years, what’s evident, is that while people plan in their jobs, most do not plan outside of work. This is a huge mistake. More of your life is outside of your job. It’s at least as important to plan the rest of your life as it is your job.

Planning becomes especially important when you have a part time network marketing business, because your business is fitting into the rest of your life and can easily get put off because the other demands of life will always be presenting themselves to you. Once you leave work, you are now juggling everything else including your business. If you have planned all aspects of your life, then you simply follow the plan…including the time you allocate for your business.

Your Mentality Has to Be That Your Time for Your Network Marketing Business is Not Optional

So you plan it into your day, and show up just like you would if you had a part time job. Whether you feel like it or not, and despite other things that pop up…except of course true emergencies. Think of it this way….you show up for your job everyday…and that is truly serving someone else’s dream…not yours. For you it is a source of income (unless you own the business) and hopefully fulfillment.

You Have to Show Your Dream at Least the Same Respect You Do Your Job

A job can be taken away from you. Your dream CANNOT.

If you need a resource to build your life management and planning skills such that you can have high efficiency and productivity, and more joy and fulfillment, I highly suggest you check out my book Live Full, Live Well and it will help you big time.

In the video, I give you a lot of tips relative to fitting your business into your life and schedule easily, using groups to leverage your time, and when to do the right activities in the time you have. Make sure you watch it because it will give you a lot of value.

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