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Do you want more prospects to join your network marketing team?

Then you need to make sure that both you and your team are communicating the right things at the right time in the process of the conversation with the prospect. When a prospect is considering whether or not to join your network marketing team, there are two giant questions they will have in their subconscious mind…

Can I Do It? and Will You Help Me?

I say subconscious mind, because it is likely that the prospect isn’t even aware that these are the root questions they have. They will be asking questions or sharing concerns that are conscious/surface questions. But know this fact….these questions all go away if they believe they can do it and that you will help them.

How Much Money You Are Making Does Not Answer These Questions….

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I’m not a fan of money hype. It is simply the wrong reason for someone to get involved. If money is the main thing…it won’t last. Period. End of Sentence. But the reality is that how much money you are making, whether it’s a lot or nothing, does not satisfy the deeper issue anyway.

There are five easy things to talk about that help the prospect decide to join your network marketing team, and the time to share these is at the end of your story. In the Blueprint Process Digital Training I go deeply into how to craft the most powerful story you can, while simply telling the truth…it is the best tool you will ever have. The fifth and final part of a properly told story, is your experience so far. This is where you can share any of the following five that are applicable:

    1. Awesome Community
    2. What you are Learning
    3. Your Product/Service Experience
    4. Great Tools to Work With
    5. Easy to Work System/Support

In the video I dig in a little deeper as what these mean for your prospect. All of these connect with the prospects subconscious question and make them feel comfortable to step forward and join you.

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