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Do You Want More of Your Organization to Be Empowered?

Then it is important to know the best way to train your network marketing team.

Whether or not a specific person takes action to build the business usually isn’t about you, the sponsor or leader. It is typically tied to their level of hunger and desire. Having said that, there are definitely things you can do to empower the people in your team.

One of the most important things relative to empowerment, and this is particularly true when it comes to how you train your network marketing team, is the individual feeling like they can do the business. Again only some of this falls on your shoulders, but it is important to look at the things you are responsible for communicating. One of the key areas, is the type of teaching….

Concept Teaching is Way Better and Smarter Than Technique Teaching

It is a common mistake for the sponsor or leader to be so caught up in the technique they used to build there business, that they forget that technique is much less important than concept. For example….I am very good at talking in front of a group. If that technique was a key fundamental that I taught for building the business, most people would NEVER get started or would quit quickly. They just wouldn’t feel like they could do it.

That would be such a disservice wouldn’t it? It would be like breaking their hope…that is something that is almost criminal in my eyes. I could have used any number of examples for this but I chose to pick one that is super relatable…

This is Why I Teach a Simple Process

If you want to have more people take action, then teach them a concept (like the process), give them the fundamentals in how to engage in the process, provide them with the tools to work with, and then help them use their abilities and personality to work the concept. This is the way you are able to serve and develop every kind of person for your business instead of just the people that fit into the technique box.

Remember, there are only two primary things in the job description of our work at the beginning…acquire and serve customers and business partners. Working the process makes this happen. So keep this is mind as you train your network marketing team.

In the video, I share a whole lot more for you today. Enjoy it and feel free to share with your team.

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