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How Would you like to know where to find the future leaders for your network marketing organization?

I can imagine your response! Yes, please tell me where they are!!! Well, what I am about to share is going to be counter-intuitive. And that’s exactly why it’s such good news…but the fact that it’s good news, doesn’t mean it’s easy to find them.

Finding leaders is not easy. But it helps to understand where they can be found! Here’s a hint…

Most Network Marketing Leaders Are Not Big Hitters Before They Succeed in MLM

It’s a common thought process to believe that sponsoring people who are already highly successful in business is the key to finding leaders. This is a wrong thought process most of the time. Sure these people can be successful just like anyone else, but it’s just not where most of the network marketing leaders come from.

This is good news because there are way more people who have not become successful in life yet, and you will likely be more comfortable talking to people who haven’t already climbed the economic food chain very high!

So Where Can You Find Them?

Right in you personal growing community believe or not. The majority of the top earners in the industry seemingly came out of nowhere. They were customers who fell in love with the product or service. Or, in lots of cases, they are someone who got started to make some extra money. This is what I call the 80% group.

They got started, began to have a little success, began to see the bigger picture, maybe had something happen in their life to increase their motivation, and then they just kept on going!

In other words, they were a little fish that grew into a big fish.

In this video, I give you several tips and insights into fostering the right environment to grow those that would ultimately aspire to leadership.

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