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Do You Want to Develop a Magnetic Leadership Style?

We are all leading someone whether we acknowledge it or not. In growing your business, and this is true for any business, and particularly true for any organization that is volunteer based (network marketing, direct sales, independent contractors) you are cultivating a leadership position from day one.

Leadership begins with the development of credibility. The greater your credibility, the more opportunity to lead people you will be afforded. This is true because leadership is completely based on Influence….

Influence is the Purposeful Application of Credibility

The reason this is true is because you can be a credible person who is not attempting to develop something and thus is not applying your credibility for a purpose. So it has to be purposeful. There are many characteristics that contribute to leadership. No one has all of them and no one needs all of them. This particular trait is one that is important for every leader in my opinion. The trait of humility. Some people mistake humility for weakness or lack of confidence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“People With Humility Don’t Think Less of Themselves, They Just Think of Themselves Less”-Ken Blanchard

Humble leaders understand that their job is to grow people. They know that nothing of significance is accomplished on this planet without the help of others. They are bold in their efforts, and confident in their abilities, but they are not steeped in self-importance.

Humble leaders are not afraid to admit when they are wrong. They have no problem being real about their weaknesses. They exude trustworthiness.

It is Easy to Believe In and Follow a Humble Leader With a Vision

Even if you are brand new to building a business you can demonstrate humility. This single trait will serve you well and help you attract the kind of people you want to work with. If you want to dive deeper into leadership for network marketing check out my book Leading With Heart. In this video, I go much deeper into this topic and use a few examples from some of my leadership teaching with Companies. I hope you enjoy it!

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