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Do You Ever Struggle With Being Ready to Take a Step to Build Your Home Business?

We all are challenged when it comes to being “ready.” Think about things in your life of meaning….getting married, having children, taking a job, pursuing something…anything…

Were you truly ready to do those things? Was there a specific point when you were 100% confident that you were ready? Probably not!!

There is No Way to Know You Are Fully Prepared for Anything in Life

You don’t have a crystal ball. Regardless of how much time and energy you put into preparation…and this is coming from someone who is a freak about preparation…you can never anticipate everything. Life in general is uncertain. You have to decide to do something, and then go for it.

You have to learn to adjust on the fly. So when it comes to being ready to build your home business, and it doesn’t matter what kind of home business it is…network marketing, direct sales, or a crafting business where you sell online or at flea markets…you have to take a little bit of a blind leap.

Are you ready to call that prospect? Are you ready to do that presentation? Are you ready to make a video? You will never know until you do.

There is One True Way to Know…

You have to understand that the thing that is causing the readiness hesitation is your head. That beautiful thing that sits on your shoulders is the thing that is busy assessing all the different things to consider. This isn’t a bad thing…there is value in assessment and planning and strategy. But if you leave it up to your head to determine when you are ready…you will never be ready!!

Your heart is the gauge.  If you feel it in your heart, then you are as ready as you will ever be. Too many wonderful things that could be done in this world never happen because someone allows their head to block their heart.

You simply cannot go wrong pursuing what is in your heart. Your head will help you figure things out as you go, but your heart is the engine that doesn’t just drive your body. It drives what you really want to be doing!

In the video I give you a lot more insight into this including a little story that was key to my entire training project taking wings this year. I believe you will get lots of value from it!!

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