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You Will Often Encounter People Who Give You the “I Don’t Know Anyone” Objection in Your Network Marketing Business.

So How do you handle this?

In general of course, you validate this feeling and express that you understand. This is not unusual. Never defend or attempt to make them wrong. If this is how they feel you must honor this calmly. I personally only thought I knew 38 people when I first started…obviously that wasn’t true, but it was true for me in the moment.

Before you take the time to help them understand what is possible, you need to make sure this isn’t a smokescreen. So you have to ask essentially this…

“I Can Appreciate That, So Just to Be Clear, Are You Saying You Would Like to Do This, But You Really Don’t Feel You Know Many People? Or Is This Just a Polite Way of Saying No to Me so You Don’t Hurt My Feelings?”

You have to let them know it’s okay with you if they say No. This is really important. When they say it’s the truth, than ask them “Is this all that is holding you back from getting started?”

If they answer yes, now you are in a position to move around the table and sit next to them to solve this issue. Because this is a simple one to solve in today’s world.¬† Here is the truth…for YOU to be aware of:

  1. Everyone knows a lot more people than they realize.
  2. It’s easy to build new contacts in today’s world of social medial and marketing techniques.
  3. Their commitment and desire is the real key. How bad do they want to succeed?

They are not thinking this way, so it’s your job to help them understand what’s possible. You can start with the Feel, Felt, Found approach…I can appreciate how this feels, Lots of people (or you) have had this same issue, and then they discovered that there are many ways to overcome this issue and be successful. You can use your own words, but this is the gist.

“If I Can Show You a Way to Get Started and Be Successful are You Ready to Go?”

Remember, the primary issues in their mind are “Can I do it” and “Will you help me?” You now have the opportunity to demonstrate this and help them to be comfortable moving forward!

This should really help you handle the “I Don’t Know Anyone” objection in your network marketing business.

If you don’t have strategies you are comfortable sharing or teaching for this, reach out to me and I can give you some coaching on this. You also can share this video which I have created to use as a third party tool for you. Once you have watched it, go to YouTube, and book mark it so you can share it anytime you or someone on your team has this issue!

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