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Do You Ever Have People Who Enroll but Then They Don’t Take Action to Build Their Business?

Of Course you have…if you have enrolled even a few people. This is a common issue in every self-directed field of work. It is true for any kind of direct sales whether it’s purely home based or more traditional like real estate or financial services. The surface issue is rather simple. There are two different decisions taking place. Decision one is the decision to enroll. For example, in real estate this means to sign up for the classes and go through the training (I use this example because it is much bigger commitment than a network marketing type of commitment because it requires a greater investment of time and money just to be eligible to begin the work). After all, the time and money is invested, the person is then issued a license so they can begin to work at selling real estate. Yet, statistically, over 90% never move forward to sell a house (the statistic used to be 95% and I am not certain what the exact current number is).

Decision Number Two is To Actually Do The Work

I call this the second funnel. This is where it applies directly to your network marketing business. The decision to sign up is easy…it’s not much of a commitment. The second decision is the one that matters. Saying you are going to do something and doing something are two entirely different things!

Lots of things Can keep someone from getting started once they sign up:

  1. Life Happens: This happens all the time because you are interfacing with human beings who have a life that is busy and involves many other priorities. It is common for someone to truly intend to build the business, and then something happens in their family or on their job and suddenly the business is not a priority.
  2. Fear Happens: Once it’s time for action, it’s time to face fears. Some people freeze and are unwilling to face their fears and settle for staying in their comfort zone.
  3. Don’t Know What To Do: They feel overwhelmed by all there could be to learn that they don’t think they know what to do.
  4. Wrong Perspective: They cannot get past the idea of selling and haven’t gotten the perspective that helping and education are the path to sales.
  5. Not Worthy: They have such a low self opinion they don’t believe they can be or deserve to be, successful, so why bother.

There are lots of things you can do to increase the chances someone will start and to make sure the environment exists that when they are truly ready to start they will come back to you.

There is a big important lessons for you from the list above…

Provided You Are Plugging Them Into Good Training and Giving Great Support YOU Are Not The Problem

So many times the network marketer beats themselves up thinking they are doing something wrong. The truth is that this is just another component of human nature in many cases. This is why you have to sponsor a lot of people to find the ones that will build a business.

In this video I give you Seven Tips to Help You Have More People Start and to Be There When The Others are Ready. I think you will get a lot out of this.

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