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There Are So Many Effective Ways to Work it’s Easy to Be Confused About Whether You Should Build Your Network Marketing Business Online or Offline.

My Answer to this question is simple. Yes!

You see, the truth is that as long as you are working The Process properly, either way and both together will work. It is much more important that you are working the right way consistently, and using appropriate tools for method of your work. The fundamentals are the same in both areas. Think of it this way…

Being Nice, Honest, Respectful, and Focusing on Other’s Needs and Desires First Works Everywhere!

Certainly there are nuances with each that you need to understand. For example, using the right kind of presentation tool. If you are sitting face to face with someone you can take a longer time to share a presentation than if you are sharing a tool via email or messenger. Why? Because online someone can quickly lose interest and leave the tool….this is less likely to happen when you are engaging them personally.

But it doesn’t matter which you prefer. There are people building successfully only working offline and there are people working effectively only working online. And of course, there are people working effectively doing both.

It’s Most Important That You Work The way You Want to and Where You Can Be Consistent.

My personal perspective is that from a leadership perspective it’s important to understand both so you can support every kind of person who joins your team. If you only are familiar with one mode of working, you will limit your ability to serve and attract people. Fortunately, in today’s world it’s easy for a non-technical person (Like Me!) to be effective in working online and through social media.

Remember, success long term is about serving people. Build your network marketing business online or offline… any way that you want, but don’t lose sight of the essence of what you are doing.


In this video, I go pretty deep into today’s topic using some fishing analogies. I think you will really enjoy it!

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