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Do You Ever Struggle With How to Follow up in Network Marketing Without the Feeling of Pressure?

Follow up is an area of challenge for lots of people in network marketing. There are three reasons this is an issue in general. The first is a lack of organization, the second is fear of rejection, and the third is feeling like it’s pressure. For this article we will focus on the pressure issue.

As an introvert who had to overcome massive fear to even make a contact, my favorite part of the process was always follow up. And when you know how to do it properly and without pressure, it will be yours too! Follow up is where the relationship goes deeper. Certainly this is also where people say “no” but it’s also where people say “yes!” You will sponsor way more of the right people in follow up than you ever will in an initial conversation. I say the right people, specifically relative to your opportunity….

The People You Sponsor for the Business Through Follow up Have Made a More Considered Decision

In The Blueprint Process Training, I dig into all the aspects of how to follow up and display professionalism. When you go through that digital training you will understand how you grow your credibility and deepen the relationship in this part of the process. You will love this part once you know how to do it the right way.

Here are just a few nuggets for you to grab that will help you right away….

Always Always Always let your prospect know that it’s okay with you if they tell you NO. I always went as far as saying during every part of the process “you can tell me this is not for you at any time and that will be just fine with me.”

“You Can Tell Me This is Not For You at Any Time and That Will Be Just Fine With Me”

What do you think that does for the prospect? It makes them comfortable. It also paves the way to follow up as many times as you want to because you have told them they can, and should, say no to you if it’s not their cup of tea.

If it’s the fourth or fifth time you are following up and they have not taken a step, then you might start to feel like they are feeling pressured…so you simply get present with them like this….

“I’m Concerned That You Might Be Feeling Like I am Pressuring You, but I am just Being Professional and Following up Because You are Expressing an Interest, and You Know it’s Okay to Say No to Me, Right?”

They will usually jump in and let you know it’s fine and that they appreciate you following up….think of it this way….who would you want to do business with…someone who doesn’t follow up or someone who does? You always follow up until you get a decision…that’s what a pro does. What changes is the frequency based on the level of responsiveness which I talk about in The Blueprint Process Training.

The third nugget for right this moment is to be very busy and work with a lot of prospects. Here is my philosophy on this…

Always Be Working With More Prospects Than You Could Adequately Follow Up With If They Were All Interested

Why would I suggest this? Because a larger percentage of your prospects aren’t ready to take action than are. When you are super busy with lots of people you won’t have time to feel like you are pressuring the prospects who aren’t moving…you will be too busy with the hot prospects! This changes your energy in a positive way and the ones who aren’t taking a step will feel this and wonder what they are missing! I explain this further in the training too.

I have only touched the tip of the iceberg here but I can promise you these three nuggets are GOLD. In the video I go into a lot more depth and give you several more nuggets. I know I mentioned the Blueprint Process Training a few times and there is a really good reason for that. This training is awesome and of super high value and will make a major difference for you and your teams. There is also a limited time before the super low introductory price goes away (October 15 is the deadline). You can learn all about it and see what others have to say by clicking here.

Enjoy the video as you will get tons from it and I encourage you to share this with your team…it will really help them. Wouldn’t you want your entire team to be great at follow up?

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