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Do You Ever Get the I’m Not a Salesperson Objection?

This is a common objection in network marketing, and there’s a pretty good chance you had this same issue when you were first introduced. I can tell you this was an issue for me. I am definitely not a salesman. In fact, as a young man trying to begin a career, I interviewed for several sales positions. Each time I had to take a sales aptitude test…and each time I failed it! I heard sales was a way to make good money so even though it scared me big time, I tried to get a job doing it but was always turned down. The only sales job I ever had, I lasted one week. I simply hated it.

So I am living breathing proof you don’t have to like sales to be successful in network marketing. And I am not alone in this….

The Majority of Successful People in Network Marketing Are NOT Salespeople

95% of the population do not consider themselves sales people. So most of the people you talk to will have some element of this issue when trying to decide whether or not to get started. How do you handle it?

You simply remain calm, and validate this concern since you know it is very real. You do need to find out if this really is all that is stopping them so ask….”I can appreciate that, so just to be clear, you really would like to get started, but you don’t like to sell. Is that right? Or is this just a nice way of saying no to me so you don’t hurt my feelings?”

They will likely say that it truly is the issue. At which time you say “I’m glad to hear you say you don’t like to sell because the majority of successful people in the business don’t like to sell either.” You then move into a version of feel, felt, found by saying something like this…

“I Struggled With this Idea too, I Didn’t See Myself as a Sales Person, Then I Discovered this is Completely Different From a Sales Mentality”

You don’t have to use these exact words, but be sure to communicate this idea. You would then follow it with “If I could show you how to do this where it wasn’t about selling, would you be ready to get started?”

This is how you move around the table and sit next to them conceptually to help them solve their problem of understanding how they can build the business without being a sales person.

This is a business of sharing, educating, and serving. Yes, sales take place, but you never have to be good in sales to make this happen in today’s world of tools. It’s so easy to share the information and then help the people who are ready to take action.

The video is designed so that you can share it with people who have this objection. It’s a free gift for you. So once you watch it, go to the YouTube version and bookmark it so you can share it with your prospects and your team.


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