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What Does it Really Mean to Lead by Example?

It’s sort of cliché to hear people talk about leading by example. But the truth of the matter is that it’s a big deal in leadership. The question is what does it mean for you and the organization you are leading or intending to lead?

I have led, studied, and trained leadership for a long time now. I’ve trained the leadership in big corporations, individually coached executives, trained small businesses, and of course trained Network marketing leadership. Leading by example applies equally in all settings, because the truth is…

Example is Always the Best Sermon

It doesn’t matter very much what you say when it comes to leadership unless your actions are congruent. All leaders are under a microscope. Some microscopes are more severe than others. In traditional corporations you are constantly being viewed for flaws and negatives. I’m sorry to have to tell you that but it’s the truth. The people that work for you are constantly evaluating you against all the negative impressions of their past authority figures…..I call this the “Ghost of Bosses past.”

In network marketing you are being evaluated from the perspective of are you worthy to be followed. Since network marketing is a volunteer environment, following you is optional from the very beginning. Whatever you say, people will be thinking…do you do that? Is that really in my best interest or is it in yours?

Jim Rohn said…

“Lead the Way by Personal Example and Personal Philosophy”

For me, this means treating people the right way, and exampling the things that matter the most both for the human being and for their business. If I ask you what would you want your people to be doing in network marketing, it might be natural to say that you want them to be working their face off!

I get that. You want them to be building building building!!! But are you thinking about right now? Or are you thinking about the big long term picture?  Either way, before you suggest what you would want them to be doing…step over to the mirror and consider…what am I doing?

In the video I give you a pretty significant point to consider when it comes to leading by example. This should help you a lot both in your own practice and in what you want to model and mentor.

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