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It’s Human Nature to Want Things to Be Easy Isn’t It?

This is true in every corner of our lives. I know based on everyone I’ve ever coached that you too would want it to be easier to build your network marketing business. Heck, I wanted it to be easy! And I am always helping people to make it easier. 

But it’s never going to be EASY. It can be simple. It can be easier at times. But you are creating something of immense long term value.

Can You Think of One Thing in Your Life That You Truly Value Dearly That Was Easy?

The answer to that would be NO. That’s the point. Things that come easy we don’t value and we don’t treasure. No one ever said…”I built a huge business and it was easy.” In all businesses you hear stories of struggle and challenge on the road to success.

Easy is literally and figuratively a four letter word. Jim Rohn said “Don’t wish it was easy, wish you were better.”

Our Perception of Hard is Off and It Has Made us Vulnerable

We have it so good in general, that it disproportionately makes some things seem hard. The actual work to build your business is easy to do. Making a contact does not require some herculean effort. Neither does sharing a video or telling your story. These are easy actions to take.

What makes them seem hard is our perception. So we become vulnerable to any false prophet that comes along and says why do that? I have an easy way to riches. Just get my super duper product or system and you won’t even have to work!

In The book “David and Goliath” by Malcolm Gladwell, he talks about how people with dyslexia go on to succeed at a higher percentage than the base population. This issue makes it hard for them to learn in normal schooling. Yet they become very successful. How can this be?

Because they have a different perception of what is hard.  I want you to succeed at the highest level. I work at making it easier for you to build your network marketing business because I know how awesome this will be for you. But I also know it will be a process. It will be hard…then it will get easier…then it will get hard again…then it will get easier…and so on.

I hope this is helpful for you. I give you quite a bit more on this topic in the video.

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