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Do You Truly Want to Make a Difference With Your Leadership?

Then this concept will help you. Leadership is a responsibility. The more people you lead the greater the responsibility. You might be thinking…of course…the bigger the organization is the more responsibility the leader has. This is true from a practical standpoint as the leader has to see to all types of processes that ensure the viability for the organization not just for today but into the future. But that isn’t what I am talking about here.

This article is about a different type of responsibility that isn’t as easy to see. The responsibility I am referring to is the impact the leader has in the heart and mind of the people. Consider a light house for a moment.

A Light House Stands Tall, Shines Bright, Signals Danger, and Directs to Safe Harbor

It’s not just a structure. It is a beacon of hope. It shows the way. And it’s always there.

Now drop this concept into your leadership or your aspiring leadership. What do the people you lead need? This applies to network marketing in a massive way, but is true of any leadership position in an organization.  In leadership you are always visible. Those you lead look to you in all ways.

They don’t just look to you for guidance in the work. They also look to you for the temperature of the organization. They look to you for vision, they look to you for encouragement, they look to you for inspiration. You are a light for them.

Unlike a light house which is all it can be. You can grow taller and shine brighter. You can move about. This gives you a much greater ability to affect people. You must take this mantle of responsibility and understand that you have a responsibility to make sure your light is shining brightly.

Every Interaction of a Leader Has an Impact

Do you think this way when you wake up in the morning? It’s vital that you do. Ever time you interface with the people you lead they come away with something. True leaders know this and work hard at making sure their light is shining all the time.

As someone who is not naturally “up” all the time, I work very hard at this every day. I do what I need to do when I wake up to get centered so that I can be the best I can be for the people I lead. And I encourage you to do the same.

In this video I go deeper into what to do and what’s important to recognize to better serve the people you lead. I believe it will have great value for you.

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