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Do You Ever Feel a Little Bit Fried?

It is really important to understand how to avoid burn out in network marketing or you will definitely suffer from it. Think about it for a minute. You are building your business part time. You also have a job or business full time, you have other interests, family and relationship obligations, and stress that is natural from a full life.

Network marketing requires a lot of emotional energy in general. You are enthusiastic about what you are doing and the possibilities it has for your life. This gets your adrenaline moving too. Any sustained period of high emotional output and high adrenaline creates fatigue. So how can you avoid this and still do what you need to do? First you have to be clear…

Long Term Success in Network Marketing is a Marathon

You have to consistently take steps and work the process over a period of years to build a long term business. Yes, you will have periods of sprinting, but in general it is the marathon mentality that builds the business. Where people really struggle is that we live in a world where we are constantly plugged in. You can literally be engaged and communicating in some fashion 24 hours per day…but should you?

Absolutely not. You have to be even more conscious of resting now than ever before in the history of the work. Here are 5 things you can do that will help you to avoid burning out.

  1. No Phone at Dinner– You need to be with whoever you eat dinner with. Not everyone else. This lets the people in your life know they matter to you and it gives you a break that you have to have before you jump into the evening work.
  2. Stop When You Stop– Whenever you decide you are finished for the evening, turn off your computer and your phone. You need to rest and re-charge. Do not take your phone to bed with you…this will lead to more fatigue and affect the quality of your sleep.
  3. One Day of No Work– I know this is hard to do, especially early in the development of your business. And there may be some short bursts when you don’t take any days off. But in general, take at least one day a week and do no work at all. You need to recharge yourself.
  4. 3-Day Weekend– Once a quarter take a 3 day weekend and do not work at all. Make yourself not reachable. This will do wonders for your energy and your relationships.
  5. Twice a Year– Take a full week away from the work. Same rules as the 3 day weekend. You need to be unreachable and just simply relax and recharge.

These five things will help you stay the course in the long haul. They will help you maintain the relationships that are important and re-charge you, which is 100% necessary. I hope you take this to heart. As usual, I go a little deeper in the video.

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