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You are Only Truly Leading if People Want to Follow You.

If an adult has to follow you, but doesn’t want to, then you are simply exercising authority…not leadership. In network marketing there is no situation where someone has to follow you…they only follow if they want to…and they will only do this is they TRUST you. In traditional style businesses people will only go the extra mile for you if they want to follow. There is no getting around this.

Here’s how this works starting from the end and working back. True leadership is influence. Influence is the purposeful application of credibility. Credibility comes from a combination of character and competency. The level of credibility is created based on the foundation of trust in these two areas. This is the absolute truth.

Trust is Delicate and Needs to Be Guarded

The challenge with trust is that it grows slowly, yet it can be destroyed in an instant. Particularly when it comes to the issue of character trust. People are forgiving of competency mistakes (provided they are admitted) but they are not so forgiving of character issues. I once heard it said that “You cannot talk your way out of something you behaved your way into.”

That is spot on. In leadership everything you do and say is under a microscope for all to see. The people you want to lead must trust that you have their best interest at heart. The moment they don’t believe this, you have lost them.

The Intention, Behavior, and Perception Connection

Consider this connection for a moment…in every interaction there is your intention, your behavior, and the other person’s perception of your behavior. The best leaders understand this connection and invest in their people in such a way that they move these three things into congruence such that they are in the sweet spot of trust. When this happens, the people you lead never question your motives. This is the ultimate place to be.

This topic is deep and important and in the video I give you a few visuals to help you really see the idea so you can consciously work on it. For more on Leadership check out Leading With Heart.

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