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Everyone Wants to Have Higher Customer Retention in Network Marketing

So how do you do this? First you have to have the right mindset about your customer. There is a lot of talk about closing. The sales language for someone buying your product would be that you closed them. I look at this differently. I see the close as the OPENING. Once someone agrees to use your product, you now have the opportunity to take the relationship to a new level. It is the opening of the next level of the relationship.

There is lots of energy focused on sponsoring, and their should be….sponsoring is the most important activity in the business. But too many networkers sign up customers and then forget about them and move onto finding the next one. This is a mistake.

You Long Term Success Depends on The Customers

Happy customers create the incomes for the 80% group…the people who are excited and happy to earn $300-500 per month. Without this distributor group, you have no chance for a long term business. So customer retention has to be a priority in your organization. Remember people buy on emotion and then justify the decision through logic which comes from education, service, and results.

Here are four Tips that will strengthen your customer retention in network marketing:

  1. Hand-written Thank You Note– This immediately sets you apart from other people they do business with and affirms it was a good decision to choose you.
  2. Walk Them Through Usage– Always be in touch with your customer when they are about to start using your product. This way you ensure they use it properly and therefor ensure they will receive the benefits they are looking for. This is another area in which you are adding value and affirming their decision to choose you.
  3. Educate– You have plenty of tools and stories you can share with your customers to help them deeply understand the value of the products they are using. Now is when they will be most open to learning more, so make sure you provide this.
  4. Facebook Group– Have a customer Facebook community. This adds social currency and helps them feel they are part of something. It also gives them access to others using the products and further strengthens their belief.

These four things will make a huge difference. Do them yourself and teach them to your team. I go a little deeper in the video on this crucial topic for a long term stable business.

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