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Wouldn’t it Be Great to Know Exactly What Your Prospects Want?

In this brief article I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets about the people you are prospecting. Well…this applies to about 97% of your prospects. First off, the need is great in general for solutions in the market. I believe on this we can quickly agree. A high percentage of the population needs money solutions. And a high percentage of the population needs the solutions offered by your products/service. The need may translate as desire, but fulfilling desires is something people feel is a need. The first thing you need to know is….

Your Prospects are Focused on Their Immediate Needs and Wants

The key word here is immediate. Immediate needs/wants are the kinds of things that keep people awake at night. They are the things they are worried about or feel anxious about. Remember that people are stimulated to take action based on emotions, then they justify the action based on logic. Immediate needs are emotional issues.

At the same time though, I caution you not to play the “instant gratification” card in your offer. That is the hype game. There is too much fix it over night stuff in the world and none of it is real. Anything that took a while to get into is going to take some time to resolve. You can however, position your product or opportunity as immediately putting them on the path to the victory.  The second thing you need to know is….

Your Prospects Want a Shepherd to Show the Way

This is why it is so important for you to demonstrate high belief and conviction boldly when you share your offer. This gives the prospect confidence that you can help them. Recognize that everyone you talk to has two questions in their subconscious: “Can I do it?” and “Will you help me?” If they are confident in your belief then when you ask for the business they will feel assured that you are the path to choose.

I give you a little more in the video, particularly a lesson on the power of conviction.

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