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Do You Want to Have an Awesome Culture in Your Network Marketing Business?

You can. Because it starts with you. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have an established organization, you have the ability to create the culture you want. You are beginning in leadership from day one in your business. The moment you sponsor you are in a position to lead. So it’s best to think leadership immediately…and don’t worry about what you don’t know! You will grow into it!

Culture has many definitions. In general it is a community of people who have or share commonalities of purpose, beliefs, and values. It can go much deeper than this, but this is the essence. Think of your network marketing community culture as one that serves a significant emotional need. People want to belong to something. It is important to their sense of well being. Aside from this two major aspects are….

Your Culture is An Immune System and a Magnet

A strong long term network marketing culture will repel the people who don’t fit in (primarily because they have bad intentions) and attract the right kinds of people. You can create a culture that is so awesome that people will want to learn more about your business as a result of the kinds of people you attract.

There are essentially 4 cultures in the business. The industry culture, Company culture, the team culture you joined, and the culture you create for your team. The first three you have no control over initially. They simply exist. You can positively affect these other cultures as a whole by developing your own awesome culture for your team.

There Are Two Primary Ways You Establish Your Culture

The first is to set the tone with your example, your vision, your words, your behaviors, and your heart. This happens daily and comes as a direct result of your influence.

The second is to create platforms for the community to interact. This enhances the sense of belonging and build the cultural bonds of the team. You do this physically by getting together and you do this online through mediums where you can meet via video and also through your Facebook groups.

Strong cultures endure. The business will always have ups and downs. But the culture can remain as a steady constant force for good and a source of inspiration for all. You can develop a culture in network marketing that is so strong people would never consider leaving. I give you a tremendous amount of leadership teaching that will ensure a great culture in my book Leading With Heart so check that out too.

I only scratched the surface here, but I dive deeply into this topic on the video and give you several more valuable nuggets.

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