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What are The Most Important Things for a New Person Just Getting Started?

Do they need to know all about the product? The marketing plan? The company history? No.

There is a ton of stuff that a new person can learn, but most of it isn’t remotely important for helping them get started. If you overload someone with all kinds of information then you will uncover this result…

Overwhelm Freezes People

You have to make it simple. They certainly need training tools that help them to learn the fundamentals. That’s why The Blueprint Process Training is so good to have a new person purchase. It gives them a way to repeatedly train, while they are in the work, on the things that will lead to success.

It is also important for them to know where everything can be found from a deeper information standpoint. Like where are the details on things if someone they are prospecting needs them. But for them to quickly get started and be effective you only have to focus on two things….

Action and Belief Are The Two Most Important Things for The New Person

Action– They need to know how to make a contact, tell their story, what tools to use, and where support and help will come from. This allows them to be productive immediately and begins to build their belief.

Belief– Aside from them beginning to take the simple steps to begin sponsoring…which is the best belief builder…they need to be exposed to stories of others who are enjoying the business and products. You do this through training tools, Facebook groups, and events.

This might seem too simple to you. And that’s the point. The business is simple! The more simplified you make it and keep it, the faster people will start. I go into a lot more in the video.

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