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Do You Ever Make Assumptions?

You wouldn’t be a human being if you didn’t! Assumptions are a natural part of how our brain works. They serve as platforms for making connections to things we encounter. We all have a giant file in our head that is full of things we have stored as truths. They don’t have to be true…we just process things as if they are and quickly make connections.

We make false assumptions about ourselves and we constantly make them about others. We are often wrong about ourselves because we filter our possibilities based on all kinds of emotions and experiences and knowledge or lack of. When it comes to other people?

We are Constantly Making Wrong Assumptions When it Comes to Others

You can’t change your assumptions over night….but you can be more aware of them so that you can pause and question their validity. When it comes to your network marketing business there are five common areas where assumptions can hurt you.

  1. Making Your List– It’s easy to assume someone wouldn’t be interested or that they don’t know you well enough for your to call. This is not true. Editing even one person off of your list hurts your potential.
  2. Making Contacts– This is the second place to edit. Deciding not to make a call because we assume reasons why they wouldn’t be interested. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Assume nothing and make the call!
  3. Telling Your Story– It’s easy to assume the other person will not want to hear all the details and so you might limit telling the whole story. Truth: You never know which detail is going to be the one that becomes the “AHA” moment for them.
  4. Follow Up– People constantly make assumptions that people aren’t interested when they don’t respond in a timely fashion. They forget that the prospect has a life and they don’t have the same sense of urgency that you do.
  5. Sponsoring– It’s easy to assume some people will know what to do based on their previous or current life experience. They don’t. It’s better to over communicate the things that matter than to under communicate.

I shorted these five points for the sake of brevity here. In the video I go much deeper into each one. Make sure you watch it because this is a really important area where possibly you, and definitely your team are hurting their potential success!

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