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When I Started Building My Business I Had All Five of These Particular Obstacles

I call these practical obstacles because they are very tangible. And they can be huge and feel insurmountable if you don’t have some strategies for overcoming them. These five aren’t your only obstacles of course. In live trainings I talk about these five obstacles and I also address a pile of emotional obstacles we all face in addition to what I call Life Happening Obstacles.

I’m going to take you through these five and give you some simple ways to work through them.

  1. Money– The key thing here is knowing what is the best thing to invest money in. Network marketing is the most affordable way for anyone to create an income for themselves, but to do it right, and be the best you can be, it’s vital to invest in some things. Training programs, personal development, and events are the three biggest and most crucial. Why? Because these add enormous value to you and grow you. You are the most important thing in your business. One training program that costs $500 could help you to make $50,000 or more…that seems like a wise investment to me. When I had no money, I still found a way to purchase training, personal development and attend events.
  2. Time– Time is much less of an obstacle now because of the ability to work any time you want online. The key is to be a planner. You have to plan and prioritize the time you are going to invest in your business. If you don’t, your time will be pulled into everything else in life and your business will not grow. So become a prioritizer and a planner.
  3. Commitments– When you don’t have a handle on your priorities you end up over-committing yourself. You have many things you made commitments to prior to getting started in your business. Assess those things. Times change and so do priorities. Now your network marketing business is a priority. What are you committed to that no longer serves your broader mission? I stepped away from several things over my career because they no longer mattered. Figure out what these are and delete them from your commitment list.
  4. People– The people you love can actually be obstacles. You certainly don’t want to remove them so what do you do? You need to let them know what you are doing and why. Let them know what is in it for them if you succeed. You can then have these same people encouraging you as opposed to asking why you are not so available.
  5. Learning Curve– Adults struggle with this because they forget that everything they ever learned how to do was at some point difficult for them. Network marketing is simple to do, especially the process I teach, but there is still a learning curve. You have to have some faith in yourself and trust that you will get better and better. You’ve done that before so why would this be different?

As I mentioned earlier these are the five practical obstacles.  In the video, I go much deeper into each of these to give you some big time insight and I know it will really help you.

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