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One Size Does Not Fit All When it Comes to People in General, and Particularly in Network Marketing Leadership.

Maybe…just maybe…25 years ago there was only one or two ways to build the business and they had a few variations. Is that the truth today?

Absolutely Not.

Any one in leadership who tries to tell people there is only one way to work is either naïve or has a selfish agenda. As long as someone is working the process of contacting, sharing their story and information, following up, and sponsoring and serving…and doing it nicely and respectfully….there are countless ways to go about this.

Regardless of how this is done, there will be a learning curve that everyone progresses through.

The Principles of Situational Leadership are Essential for The Network Marketing Leader to Embrace

And given that there are seven core competencies in the work, each person you work with will be in various stages of learning at various times. Only leaders who understand this “situation” will work effectively with their people. This principle holds true in the corporate world as well. I learned the concept of situational leadership years ago through studying the work of Ken Blanchard, and then went on to use it myself for two decades and teach it both in traditional business and network marketing.

If you want to be an awesome leader you have to do this…it is the ideal fundamental way to best serve the growth and development level of the people in your organization.

The Best Leaders Understand that if YOU Grow and Develop People, The Business Will Succeed Long Term

In my book Leading With Heart I talk about many aspects that connect with this type of leadership. I believe it will help you immensely. For now, it’s crucial to know that the people who are working in the team have a constant struggle through the learning curve with their belief and commitment. Good leaders know this and know where each person is in the learning curve in each area of the work. The video will give you a lot more insight on this important topic.

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