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When You Are Building a Network Marketing Business How Do You Know Who to Invest Time in?

This is a significant time management issue for network marketers. Time is your most important resource. One of the great things about the industry is that it teaches you how to better allocate time in general and makes you more efficient in all aspects of life.

First you learn how to use your time well in the actual process of building the business. Then as you begin to grow a team, this huge issue begins to crop up.

You are a doer. You are taking action, working at your business and figuring out how to be successful. It would be natural for you to think that every one you sponsor is going to do the same thing…but they won’t. If you aren’t careful…

People Will Steal Your Time if You Allow Them to

I am a giver…and I tend to err on the side of over-giving….so I can tell you from a mountain of experience that it is really easy to waste your precious time with the wrong people. The wrong people, as I define them here are people who say they will do something and then do not!

You have to have some checks and balances in place to make sure that you do not invest your time in people who are not investing their time in the business. So here are three things you can look for to help you guard your time:

  1. Are they doing what they said they would do?- It doesn’t matter what they said they would do…only that they are doing it. If they say they will work the business five hours a week or 55 hours a week doesn’t matter…only that they do what they say. This is all you have to go on. Action is all there is…not words about it.
  2. What do they do with the coaching you give them?- If you do a coaching session with someone, there has to be a course of action and a commitment to that action. If they don’t take action on the time you gave them, be careful not to give more time.
  3. Are they investing in themselves?- Do they attend events, buy training, invest in personal development? If the answer is no, then you are kidding yourself if you invest in them. Think of it this way…if they are unwilling to invest in themselves, how smart is it for you to invest time in them?

You have to be smart with your time. As an over-giver I never have someone say I was unwilling to help them, and you shouldn’t have this happen either, but you have to be careful not to let the wrong people take the time you could be investing in the right people!

The video will give you some more nuggets, and it would be a good one to share with your team!

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