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Wouldn’t it be Great if Everyone You Sponsored Took Action Right Away?

Well…just telling you the truth here…that’s never going to happen!!! There will always be more people that don’t take action than do take action. This is just the way the human race works so don’t take it personally. Lots of things happen in people’s lives that can stop them from starting, and then of course you have the issue of people’s head trash, which is another big block for people.

So for the purposes of this training article, let’s address the people that WOULD take action. What might hold them back?

Low Belief and Lack of Knowledge

This makes it simple to understand how to help them get the ball rolling. You are only dealing with these two things in general. Belief issues are only overcome by action. So if you can help them understand that they KNOW all they need to know to begin working, then they can take action and begin growing their belief.

There are lots of things a new person could learn. And most of those things are irrelevant. Unless you position yourself as knowing everything there is to know about your products and opportunity, you aren’t expected to know everything. Every detail that supports your business is available through information tools and your company website.

If Henry Ford Didn’t Need to Know Everything About Cars to Build an Empire, You Don’t Need to Know Much to Build Your Network Marketing Business!

Focus on the thing your new person does know. They know their story and they know they are excited about what is possible. This is enough to prospect and find people who are interested. All you have to focus on is helping them understand how to share their true story and how to simply make a contact. This is why training tools like the Process Book and the Blueprint Process Training Program are so helpful.

They do the rest of the work for you! People will feel empowered if they know they can do it. Anyone can make a contact, share their story and an information tool and then follow up. The rest is simply finding the information someone needs. In the video I give you a little more insight into this simple idea. It will help you a lot.

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