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It’s a Fact of Life that Many People Quit in Network Marketing

This is not a network marketing issue, this is a human race issue. People quit in all kinds of things. Consider marriage for a second….Two people stand in front of lots of people they know, commit to staying together for a lifetime, and then half of the time they get a divorce.

That’s a whole lot bigger commitment than spending a few hundred dollars to get started in a home business!

The same is true in all other endeavors. So obviously it is going to be true more often than not in your network marketing business.

How Do Top Earners Handle This?

One of the things that all top earners share is that they know this is part of the business and they accept it as such. They know that people are with them for their own reasons and also for seasons. Sometimes reasons change and sometimes seasons change. What never changes though, is the job description of building the business for the long term. Top Earners continue to sponsor customers and sponsor business partners. All the way until they have built the life they want. They just DO NOT STOP.

Here is How To Handle This

Be thankful that they were with you at all. They played a role in your growth. They provided you with energy and a measure of success that you used to build forward. That stays with you.

Let them know it’s okay with you whatever they decide. You love them anyway. You have to respect someone’s right to live their own life. It doesn’t need to make sense to you. You don’t have to agree with it. You simply have to respect it.

When you handle this the right way, down the road some of these people will re-emerge and join your team again. I have had countless people over my 29 year career leave and join me again later because I didn’t make them feel bad or unwelcome or judge them.

This is the way to go and it will serve you and your reputation well moving forward. In the video I share a fishing story and a little deeper insight on this. I think you will get a lot out of it!

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