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There is Always a Second Funnel in Your Network Marketing Business

What I mean by this, is that when people sign up with you to build the business, they have come out of the first funnel. You know the one I mean, where you put ten prospects into your process who all have a need and a desire to solve it….then the human nature part kicks in and two sign up. The second funnel is where the two go.

The Decision to Sign Up is Not Really a Decision to Do Anything

You have to put ten of the people who sign up into the second funnel…to find the two that will take some significant level of action. Here’s where the six things come into play. These six things will have a lot to do with who will emerge from the second funnel and build a long term business with you.

Remember…everything I teach is about building a long term stable business that you can leave to your children. I am not the guy to give you get rich fast tactics….

The Six Things Are….

  1. Expectation- Hype up front leads to false expectation and people quit faster. Let them know this will take time and struggle….the truth is always the best.
  2. Pressure– Pressure is selfish. It’s about them doing what you want them to do for you. People already put enough pressure on themselves. Do not add to that or they will leave you and go somewhere else.
  3. Business Model– If your business model is driven by large up front purchases or fear of loss this will burn people out faster and create a constant rise and drop.
  4. People vs. System– People get into this industry to be free. Too much focus on conforming to a system will eventually drive them out. It needs to be okay and encouraged for people to be themselves and work in the way that fits who they are.
  5. Product vs. Service– Services are excellent to work with but they do not elicit emotion. They are mostly about price so people can move from them easily. Products go beyond price and make people feel…this makes them stay longer.
  6. Relationships– This is what it’s all about. The business is based on mathematics…but the heart is relationships. Build relationships and show people they are valued and they will stay longer.

I know the power of this. It’s how I was able to build a lasting significant income and you can too. Just follow the process and keep these six things in mind as you move forward. In the video I go much deeper.

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