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Improving Your Results in Network Marketing over the Long Term is Not Purely a Matter of Building the Business….

It is absolutely as much about building yourself. You have to transform as a person in conjunction with your success or the success will not last.

Recognize that network marketing is just mathematics. It’s just a numbers game provided you have a quality product/service and a stable company. Anyone can work the numbers. But it is also a people/relationship business. This is why I call it “Mathematics with Heart.” The people side includes YOU.

You have to develop as a person and in the skills of the work. I have seen lots of people, in all different kinds of things, achieve success before they grew enough as a person to be a success. They ended up losing it all. I am purely about helping you create something long term and lasting…

Personal Development is as Important as Any Business Development

The first thing you have to incorporate into your daily activities is personal development. This is how I changed my life. It didn’t happen overnight, and it has been a long road….but through consistently working on this I went from a negative thinking person with low self-esteem who was afraid of everything to a person who is only now beginning to uncover all that I am capable of.

You owe it to yourself to show up the best you can each day, and a few minutes spent in personal development each day will help you do this.

Purposefully Work on Your Skills

Of course doing the work each day is essential, and it will naturally improve your skills. But it is not remotely the best way. The best way is to do the work, listen to/watch some training, do the work, listen to/watch some training….repeat endlessly. I constantly listened to training on all aspects of working the business whenever I wasn’t actually doing it. Eventually I went from a no skills introvert to a master recruiter…and you will too. Make sure you have The Blueprint Process Digital Training and that you download the bonus MP3s so you can listen to them over and over.

Attend Events

Events are a huge part of the learning and belief curve. Webinars, conference calls, group meetings, company events, and industry events are all important. Show up and they will help you and your teams. I went to everything…and most successful people I know did too and continue to.

In the video I share a lot more about these three areas. They are just so important. You cannot expect anyone to do them if you aren’t. So if you aren’t doing these already, begin doing them now and you will begin to see the fruit!

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