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Do You Know WHY People Join Your Organization?

This question and topic apply to anyone in a leadership position, in any type of organization. Most of my blogs are geared towards the home business space because I am passionate about helping this important economic sector and the people who work in it. However, when I talk about leadership the topic will usually apply to all industry’s. This is specifically for two reasons. One, I have massive experience in leadership development and training, and secondly, leadership, in today’s world is the same regardless of the structure…if you are smart.

You see people CHOOSE to work for your company, or join your organization for their own reasons. Not yours. The operative word here today is CHOOSE. Whatever the reason, there are endless ways to get to an end result in today’s world. It used to be that the financial aspect of the work or opportunity was the key. Now it’s not remotely the most important thing.

The best people, the inspired people, the ones you want in your organization? They can satisfy the money side of the equation for themselves so many different ways you can’t count them! Leadership today is entirely about serving, adding value, and growing people when it comes to the relational aspects of leading. I’m not discounting all the other things like strategy, forecasting, marketing, etc. I’m talking about the number one most important thing to your organization…the people and how you lead them. So you have to realize…and I mean Do Not MISS THIS…

Every Single Person in Your Organization is a Volunteer

Corporately you do have some authority when it comes to the work. There are formal consequences if the work isn’t done and if people behave the wrong way. But usually these issues are because someone doesn’t want to be there. And usually this occurs because the leadership is lacking. But make no mistake…these people are volunteering to be at your company. If they are performing poorly…they are likely already in search of where they will volunteer next….if the leadership is the reason for the poor performance.

In the home business and network marketing space, the people are purely volunteers. They are actively being self-employed (not figuratively, which is the case for people with jobs who don’t realize they are actually self-employed 🙂 for their own purposes, and one of the chief reasons is that they want FREEDOM.

They want freedom from other’s dictating what they have to do. They will follow you as long as they believe it is in their best interest to do so.

Serve Their Uniqueness

Again this lesson can apply in any aspect of leadership…

Each person who is volunteering to be led by you is unique. They have their own set of abilities, gifts, skills, experiences, affinities, tendencies, and resources. As a leader, it’s your job to help them grow through developing who they already ARE. Not conforming them into what you would like them to be. Jim Collins, noted Business and leadership author refers to this as “putting them in the right seat on the bus.”

There are so many ways to accomplish anything now, that the world is open for all kinds of people to succeed, in all fields, coming from their own uniqueness. This is an awesome time to be in leadership if you understand the volunteer concept, because it is easier than ever to help someone feel empowered as they discover that they can succeed being themselves!

But it all starts with understanding that they are volunteers and it’s your job to serve them. In the video, I go deeper into this topic from a home business and network marketing perspective. This is important and powerful content and I believe it will help you a lot in growing and serving your team.

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