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What Do You Think is the Most Important Thing in Building Your Home Business?

There are lots of things to consider aren’t there. Consider the company you choose to partner with. That’s pretty important isn’t it? Is it built to last? How crucial is that to you? If your perspective is short term, then it doesn’t matter much, but if you are dedicated to creating a long term income, then you would want a company that is committed to doing things right and fundamentally solid. Of course, if you build your business the right way, treating people with respect and serving people, even if the company falters, you can serve people from another company in the future. I don’t think that is ideal, but that is based on my value system, and it’s not my place to suggest what your value system should be.

You could also consider the product offering or service, the compensation model, the training available to you, your sponsor and upline if it’s a network marketing structure, the system of the work, the support of your friends and family, your coach and mentor, the resources you have to work with, and the size of your list. Regardless of which of these things you consider one thing is absolutely for certain…

Nothing is Perfect and None of These Things Guarantee You Success

I’ve seen mediocre products be a part of huge success and I’ve seen great products that never got off the ground. The same could be said of any one of the things I mentioned above. They all play some role in your ability to succeed, but they aren’t the most important thing by a mile.

You are the single most important thing to your success. This is why I stress training and personal development as something you have to do consistently. Grow yourself and with consistent effort you will grow anything else you dedicate yourself to.

In the video, I dig much deeper into the topic and expand on the other aspects. I think you will get a lot out of it.

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