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I Believe in Helping Others as The Ultimate Way to Succeed in Life, but Not This Particular Way….

Would you invest your time in prospecting for someone else? Would you make the contact, share the information with someone, tell your story, answer their questions and help them understand just how good your network marketing business is….

And then let someone else have the business?

You could think that if the person you let have the business were a part of your team that it would be okay (in the big picture I would disagree…don’t fish for people…teach them to fish for themselves). But what if the person who you let have the business was not part of your business? I believe you would say “Absolutely Not!”

Years ago I was fishing at night with a buddy of mine. It was pitch dark outside and we were fishing with a lure that goes across the top of the water and makes noise. This attracts the Large Mouth Bass we were fishing for. When they strike the lure there is a big splash so you know their has been a hit and you can set the hook…since you can’t see anything. So my buddy is fishing and we hear the big splash as the fish attempted to strike his lure, but the fish missed. I had just finished winding in my lure so I immediately casted my lure in the direction of the splash sound, and instantly I caught this very big fish that had struck at my friends lure.

What does this have to do with follow up and what I am talking about?

When You Open the Door to What is Great About Your Business, You Create a New Awareness in the Prospect

Essentially you open the prospect’s eyes. If you do not follow up with this prospect, you have done the work for the next person who comes along and talks to them about a business like yours. This person will reap the benefits of your initial work.

This happens all the time. So many people struggle to follow up. They are afraid that the prospect might feel pressure, they are afraid they will hear no, they are afraid they will be asked questions they can’t answer. So they put it off and then eventually they feel like too much time has gone by and they cannot follow up.

When in fact, most success happens in the follow up.

In the video I dig a little deeper and talk about the different areas where this applies. This is a lesson you definitely want to learn and share with your team…you don’t want them prospecting for someone else!

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