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Have You Ever Heard Someone Say That There is Only One Way You Build Your Network Marketing Business?

Of course you have. There are people all over the internet saying that there is only one way to work, and there is a good chance that you could have an upline who says there is only one way to work. Many of the outside voices are saying there is only one way, and a lot of them are different. It’s likely that inside your company there are different people espousing the one way as well….and many of them are doing it differently from each other.

How Could Everyone Be Right?

Seriously…it’s not possible for everyone to be right if many people are succeeding doing things a little differently than each other! There is no question that each person who says their way is the way has some truth in it…but it should be changed to A WAY, not THE WAY.

The reality is that there are more ways than you can count to successfully build the business. As long as the process gets worked…contacting, story & information, follow up, and sponsoring and serving….anyway that is legal, is okay to work.

Consider This….

Network marketing, direct sales, referral marketing….all serve massive numbers of people, and no two of the people are the same. You have a plethora of personality types, with a plethora of skills, working for a plethora of reasons, and with access to a plethora of platforms and tools to work.

Never Limit Someone’s Possibilities By Pidgeon-holing Them

It is, quite frankly, dumb to try to force everyone into one mechanism. When this happens you have essentially cut out the rest of the population that it doesn’t resonate with. Decades ago, this made a little more sense, but even then there was more than one way.

The networking industry is more available now to the masses than ever before. Now anyone, from any situation, can use any set of skills, or develop them, because of inexpensive technology, and grow a business any where in the world. All they need is the heart and will to do it.

I go a bit deeper into this on the video.

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