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You Wouldn’t Want Your Best Prospects to End Up in Some Other Company Would You?

Yet this is exactly what happens all too often and it should NEVER happen. Let me give you some context as to what I mean.

Recently I was coaching an excellent business builder. She is well on her way to building a significant business. Of course I always ask someone to tell me their story of how they got started and why. She shared that she had a health and wellness need. She had been prospected several months prior to the need arising and the person who prospected her had done a good job of sharing the possibility and not pressuring her. So when the need arose, she called this person and became a customer. This is a lesson in itself of the power of working the right way, but not the primary lesson here.

She was a customer for almost two years and then had someone close to her who was struggling with her health. Since she had such good results she referred her friend to the same products she was using, and this woman also became a customer. The program she was working uses a referral concept where any customer can refer another person and as long as they are an active customer, will receive a bonus for the referral. When she received the bonus, she realized there was an opportunity to purposefully create an income, so she explored the opportunity further and got started. Her sponsor was fortunate that she was in a program that allowed this simple referral, or she would have never had this fantastic business builder. So I asked her this simple question…

Would You Have Started in The Business Sooner if You Were Aware of It?

She said “Definitely.” She was tired of her job, even though she is well paid and very good at it. The key point here is that if someone had come along and prospected this woman with an opportunity that she felt had merit, she would have gotten started in another company…even though she was a satisfied customer in a solid opportunity already! This happens all the time.

A Satisfied Customer is Your Best Prospect for the Business Opportunity

This is not communicated enough, nor is it trained how to comfortably make the customer aware of what is available from an opportunity standpoint. This is a huge mistake. There are lots of reasons this happens. Often the sponsor prejudges the customer and decides for them that they wouldn’t be interested. Sometimes it’s simply out of fear. They are afraid they will upset the customer. It could be that they don’t know how to do it properly.

Whatever the reason, and there is more than what I just mentioned, the result of not doing it is…

Nothing happens. Because how can it if the customer/prospect doesn’t even know there is an opportunity? Or…and this happens a lot, the customer ends up in another opportunity. This is a shame and is easily avoided. Of course, there is also the matter of lost time for the customer/prospect. In the case I described, how much farther would she be now had she started two years earlier?

It’s simple to comfortably talk to the customer and let them know that you know they enjoy your product and would like to make sure they know all that is available to them. In this video, I give you exactly how to do this. It works really well and if you have your entire team doing this imagine what can happen when they are actually talking about the opportunity with their absolute best prospects?

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