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So What is Contact Overlap?

It is the situation that occurs when you and someone in your downline have the same contact. This will happen more frequently in local areas, but will also happen when you sponsor and work with people who are good friends since you will undoubtedly share some of the same connections. The longer the friendship the more contacts you will have in common.

As the upline leader or sponsor, the first thing you have to be clear about is that when it comes to your team…

Trust is Everything

There will always be three things colliding in any situation. The behavior, the perception of the behavior, and the intention of the behavior. In my trust curriculum I teach that the deepest trust creates a situation where you are consistently in the sweet spot where all three of these things are the same thing. But this takes a while to get to with someone. So for now, it is simply important for you to be aware of this and that trust is crucial to foster and maintain. Guarding trust is easy when you operate transparently, and that is exactly how you handle this situation.

It Starts Typically When You Contact Someone…

And then discover that this person is friends with one of your team. The first thing you do is reach out to the downline member and let them know you have made contact with someone they know. You are being completely transparent and open. Then you ask them if they have talked to this person yet. If the answer is no, you need to ask the next question which is were they planning to?

If they have contacted the person, then this is an easy one. You now help them work the contact to be sponsored under them. This is a win win situation. If they haven’t contacted them, you now have some things to consider. How active is the downline member? Are they actively working at building their business? If they are, you tell them to immediately get in touch with the person and you go from there.

If they are not actively working at building the business, the decision is easy too. YOU sponsor this person. I know for some of you this immediately raises a question. Won’t it motivate this downline person if I sponsor them under them? No. Take it from the voice of experience. I had to make this mistake a bazillion times before I realized that this does not change the equation except for potentially creating ill will with the contact who will resent you sponsoring them under someone who is not active and available to help them.

I go a little deeper into the scenarios in the video so make sure you watch it because it will help you a lot in dealing with this inevitable situation.

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