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Did You Realize There is a Difference Between Recruiting and Sponsoring?

Well there definitely is. You see the business of network marketing referral marketing, direct sales, etc. is fueled by enrolling customers and enrolling partners. I use the term partners because that’s truly the way it works. When someone joins your team with the intention of growing a business you are essentially partnering with them to help them do it…or at least you should be!

The home business world, like all businesses, is based on mathematics. If you talk to enough people the numbers will play out in your favor. But to build a long term business you have to build relationships and help people. So my perspective is that the business is really…

Mathematics With Heart

This brings me to the difference between recruiting and sponsoring. Recruiting is defined as attempting to enroll or enlist. Well no problem there, that is exactly what you are doing. It is the next part of the definition that creates the disconnect and that is “to acquire the service of another person.” Acquiring the service of another, is about YOU and not about the other person. It’s about how the other person can serve you. This is mathematics, but not with heart. To build something long term you have to be serving your partners and customers, this is where the concept of sponsoring comes in.

Sponsoring is An Entirely Different Concept

To sponsor is defined as “making a pledge or promise on behalf of another” and ” a person who is responsible for another.” It’s about THEM. Now you are not responsible for what someone does. Lots of people will enroll with you and regardless of your best efforts not take a step. That’s just part of the numbers and not on you unless they don’t take a step BECAUSE of you.

In other words if you are focused on yourself, people will feel this. They won’t trust you and they certainly wouldn’t want to work with you.  When you sponsor you understand that the new persons decision to get started is not truly the “close.” It’s the OPENING of a new level of the relationship. They have trusted you enough to take a step. They have said essentially “I want to help myself.”

You have a responsibility to help them help themselves. This is when you can truly make an impact in their life. You can be an agent for change, serving them in their development. The business is truly about so much more than a pay check and some great products and services. When you responsibly invest yourself in them and bring them into your community, you are helping them grow as people and become a better version of themselves.

You will be helping them in every corner of their lives. This is the best part of the business. It feels so good to help people and see the difference you are making. In the video I give you a bit more on the topic and share a little more insight.

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