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95% of the Population Has Some Type of Struggle With Money.

They don’t make enough, save enough, owe too much, don’t enjoy how they make it, or know where it goes most of the time. But this isn’t even the issue truly….the significant issue is how this makes people feel and the affect THAT has on their life.

Frustration, stress, irritability, self-loathing, depression…you name it and it can be brought on by the money thing. Which of course affects relationships, health, and even the job someone is making the inadequate amount of money in!

It’s Unfortunate for Anyone to Feel Like a Victim and Not Take Steps in Today’s World of Opportunity

Yet, many people feel hopeless and stuck. They don’t know what to do so they don’t do anything. I know this feeling all too well, although I admit it has been many years since I last felt it. One of the things that keeps people stuck is their past experiences when they did take a step to try something.

This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about teaching the right way to work in the home business industry, and particularly the network marketing space. I know that most everyone, the first time they really “see” what can be possible in the industry, experiences the wonderful thing called HOPE.

Hope is One of The Most Powerful Emotions

The challenge (and beauty) with powerful emotions is that they touch us so deeply. This is awesome until it’s NOT. Think of love…when you truly love then you are also susceptible to be hurt incredibly deeply. The same is true with hope. When you have high hopes and they get dashed you now feel hopelessness and despair. Some people simply choose not to risk either love or hope. And this is the tragedy. It’s not really living.

Now back to my original intention here, no one should be without the financial hope in today’s world. It has never been easier to start, work, and grow a home based business than now. It has never been more viable and it has never been more financially beneficial. Yet many people don’t see it as an option because they loved and lost once before. Maybe they were hyped, burned, or sold a false promise. Or maybe they just quit because it was too hard, or didn’t fit who they were at the time, or they didn’t have the resources to continue. The reasons don’t matter in this moment in time because EVERYTHING has changed.

Give Them Hope The Right Way So They Can Experience All the Rest Too

So the moral of this story is let’s spread the hope the right way. Treat people the right way…with kindness, honesty, and respect. Let them know you have a true way they can move forward and you will help them. AND give them permission to say no to your opportunity. Allow them the courtesy of making their own decisions. It is the only way you will help them overcome their past experiences so they can enjoy the more valuable benefits of being a part of your home business/network marketing community.

In this video I share five of the many powerful immediate benefits you are placing in someone’s lap when they feel empowered and hopeful enough to join your team. Make sure you watch this and share it with others. It will help you to realize just what a difference you really are making when you prospect and share with others.

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