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Everyone Has a Plan A

Even if they don’t think about it…i.e. they don’t have a plan at all they just go to work everyday with no thought about the future, they are still functioning as if they have a Plan A.

Most of my readers also have a Plan B. They are working at creating an income from home to meet a need or desire of some sort. The subject of this article is not whether or not someone should have a Plan B. The subject here is how you see your Plan B. You see Plan A is the career, pension, social security route for most people. Decades ago…and I do mean decades ago, this was all you needed, unless you were willing to follow your heart and do the thing you REALLY wanted to be doing. It was the means to provide financial security for you and your family and allow you a comfortable life after you stopped working in your career.

The Days of Security From a Job Are WAY Over

This might be shocking news to you…or it’s possible that you don’t see it this way. If the first is true, then I am glad I am helping with the awakening. If the second is true, just give it some time and pay attention to what’s happening…

Many experts, and I am talking about people outside the media who study and interpret what is going on, anticipate that 70-80% of all current jobs will be gone over the next 20 years. It is already happening rapidly in many areas of the economy and it will keep accelerating.

So what does this have to do with Plan A versus Plan B? It means from a priority and intentional perspective….

Plan B Needs to Be The New Plan A

Not from a time perspective. For most people it doesn’t make sense to walk away from their career and focus totally on their heart venture or home business when they are early in the game. It is simply too much pressure and risk. I’m talking about a mindset.

Adopting the mindset that your home business opportunity deserves at least the same level of commitment as your job does. You go to your job whether you feel like it or not. That’s because it’s Plan A. You have to do the same with your home business or other venture. Show up everyday and be consistent…act as if it’s Plan A.

The best time to build your additional income is when you already have a way to put food on the table and a roof over your head. Over time you will create an income that safeguards you from job loss, which for a high percentage of the population is simply a matter of time (the average length of employment right now is about 4 years).

Treat your Plan B like you treat Plan A…and over time, your Plan B will become your Plan A! In the video I give you way more insight on this so take the time to watch it and share it.

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