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The Truth is Always Enough

As a lifelong fisherman, I have heard many a “fish tale.” The story about the giant fish that got away, or the giant fish that was caught but no picture was taken and no one else witnessed it! My mom raised me to always tell the truth, so I never did this, but I have met my fair share of fishermen/women that do. Anyway, I use this example…because I love to fish…and because it is relative to your network marketing business.

Why would someone tell a fish tale? The only reason I can think of is to impress someone else. In your network marketing business you don’t need to impress anyone. You need to build relationships. Relationships are built on trust. The platforms that I built my business on and that I teach begin with kindness, honesty, and respect. Honesty is a big deal.

So How Much Money are You Making?

Income creation is one of the primary reasons people get involved in network marketing. Those that stay in the business understand that there are way more benefits than just money, but it will always be a primary factor in getting involved. In promotion of your opportunity, you are bound to get the questions “how much money are you making?”

If you are following the style of working that I teach in the process, meaning no hype or pressure, and helping people to feel comfortable to safely explore your opportunity, you will rarely get this question. But you still will from time to time. Before you are earning a lot of money, you need to be truthful in general, but you don’t owe someone the exact amount. After you are earning a lot of money, you need to be a bit more vague. Huh?

Yes, your big story of making a lot of money may seem like a great thing to tell someone, but it has the opposite effect for most people. Here’s why…the person you are prospecting is in the midst of trying to solve their money struggle. The bigger your paycheck, the less relatable you are to them because they are a long way from where you are. It becomes less likely in their mind that this could happen to them.

The person that jumps in because you are making big money is getting involved for the wrong reason. Your success has nothing to do with what is possible for them.

It’s Easy…

This is another colossal lie I see told when someone is prospecting. What happens when someone falls for this one? They are quickly disillusioned and quit. Because they got into the business under the wrong premise. Anything of value is difficult. A network marketing income is of extreme value, so how could it be easy? It’s simple to work, but not easy to do.

Honesty Attracts the Right People

You want to build a long term business. In addition you want your business to be founded on pure truth and the right fundamentals. After all, the people in your business become a community…and ultimately a force for good. Honesty is refreshing. I appreciate it when someone says this is going to be difficult, or you are going to struggle at times. That is admirable and attractive. I want the truth and so do you.

In this video, I give you several insights into this important point so make sure you take the time to watch it and share it with others if it resonates with you.

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